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Hello there, my name is Stella Paiva, and I'm a family photographer in Orlando, FL. In my photography sessions, I capture the moments of connection, beauty, and emotion that make your family special. When my work is done, you'll be able to see your loved ones' personalities shining through in every image. Contact me today to book your specialized photography session. I'm easy to reach by phone or email, and I always respond to messages promptly.


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My Story

I moved to the United States from Sao Paulo, Brazil, along with my husband, my 3-year-old daughter, and my English Bulldog. My family, my friends, and my God are the most important things in my life, and photography helps me create eternal memories of all these things that I love. As a professional photographer, I have the privilege of helping others capture those same moments of love and beauty in their lives.

I began my career working as an executive for IBM, but I have loved photography ever since taking a college course in the subject as part of my advertising and marketing degree. I left IBM and moved to Florida after the birth of my daughter. This new country offered many new opportunities, and I decided to pursue my passion for photography on a professional level.

Stella Paiva, Family Photographer, Jacksonville, FL

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Preserve the milestones and moments that define life here in Central Florida when you choose the right photographer. In a world where everyone has a camera, you need a photography professional with a sophisticated approach. I want to capture the innocence of youth, and joy of marriage, and the light inside of everyone you love. 

Tell me more about your family and the outdoor spaces and places you all love. I book sessions in a wide variety of settings, including the beach and the family living room. My photography sessions begin with an effort to put the client and their family at ease. I want to create settings that bring out the life and love that you all share for one another. 

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That light in your eyes and that spark in the souls of your children are sure to shine through when you work with a photographic artist who shares your love for this community. I want your children to laugh and play during any session, so the smiles are authentic and the love you all share is evident to anyone that passes your portrait. Bring along your pets and have a little fun during your next photography session. 

Contact me today to book a session with a family photographer that creates lasting memories. I proudly serve clients in Orlando, Florida, and surrounding communities.


Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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